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Newly released video of the of the Russians arriving to the Donald Jr, Manafort, Kushner meeting at Trump Tower.#revokekushner pic.twitter.com/l1N0YkrNRN

— Red T Raccoon (@RedTRaccoon) July 14, 2017

test 👮


Jan. 28th, 2015

January 1, 2013; A New Year! A New Day!

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.....

Today is Jan 1, 2013. The start of a New Year and new things to come. I'd like to try and start posting on my journal again my thoughts for the day. I'm curious to see if this will cross post to my Facebook page properly and if doing this on a regular basis will matter much or not. I really don't have much to say right now. Just thought I'd restart my engines over on this end.

ETA 1/2/2013 1:07am:
LJ is being an ass again and this did not cross post to Facebook w/o a whole bunch of hassle. This site is really a pain in the ass and I will be looking for another journal site.

ALBANY, N.Y. — In a historic late night vote — the last vote of the legislative session, after years of failed efforts to align votes in both Assembly and the Senate, and on the eve of New York City pride — the New York state Senate late Friday approved the Marriage Equality Act, granting same-sex couples the right to marry.

New York will become the sixth, and most populous U.S. state to-date, to allow gays and lesbians to wed — the bill passed by a vote 33-29.

Earlier in the evening, the state Assembly approved the amended version of bill, which included religious exemptions attached in the Senate.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who championed the bill and listed marriage equality as among his top three legislative priorities for the year, has promised to sign the bill into law. Same-sex unions can begin 30 days after that.

“New York’s a big deal,” said James Esseks,” the director of the ACLU’s LGBT Project. “And in terms of cultural relevance to the rest of the country, it’s huge.”

Esseks predicted New York would lead a procession of states in approving same-sex marriage, though with most state legislatures finished with or nearing the end of their annual sessions, significant movement is not likely until next year.

The Senate adjourned moments after announcing the bill’s passage.

Yay for my home state! Now all I need is to find a rich boyfriend willing to slip a ring on my finger, buy a house, have 1.2 kids and move to Sicily or Naples.

Everybody Vogue

I'm testing to see if my html works before posting it to another comm. I'll just leave this here if it does. It's not bad to look at and I'd do him but for what it's worth the shaved look is not quite my type.

Oh Twitter, you bring us such joy. UK rugby player Wayne Godwin had a crazy night with his teammates where he ended up naked (um, what exactly happened?) and posing for the camera. A few clicks later and the NSFW picture ended up on Twitter for the world to behold. And, oh, is it a lot to behold. Click The Pic Below To Go To Full Nude Pic

Another Day In The Life

Getting Back On The Horse
(getting back to posting, now with the occasional subtitle)

I’m going to make this as quick as possible seeing as it’s late and I have to get to two more discs of Dr. Who S2 so they can go in the mail tomorrow and seeing as Netflix too forever and day to get them to me.

Quick recap for the day:
Woke up late because I was tired as I have been for a while because I’m not getting any sleep. Drove to pick up Dad and his wife and took them to Dad’s doctor’s appointment with his primary. He is still relatively healthy all things considered (all things taking up most of the month of May in which some big things happened but I did not post about). Took them on some errands and to Burger King for lunch. Took them home and helped install new answering machine which turned into a huge ordeal and which is actually not yet completed.

After another day with them - too many in fact, love my dad and his wife but seriously, too many days – I went to yet another (used) book store and spent a while browsing and bought 4 more books which makes about 50 books I have sitting around waiting to be read. I will get back to why this has occurred later (and make a detailed list of what books I have to keep track of them on here and of course on Goodreads which I joined recently).

I came home and did some odds and ends but still not what I needed to get done. I am too worn out from, well, all the time I have spent with dad and the wife frankly. It’s like a full time job and when I had a job I would come home and be too tired to do much of anything. I can’t rant about this now because I really want to get to watching Dr. Who and if I don’t stop now I might not be able to.

Watched the new show Franklin & Bash on TNT. It’s actually pretty awesome and will be added to my summer TV watching list (which will probably get longer in coming weeks).

OLTL had it’s awesome, it’s depressing and it’s nonsensical. I do not want it to end though. Damn Disney and ABC! Damn you!

OK that was a good 10 minutes and a decent recap. And now for Dr. Who.

P.S. Yes I will make it yet another point to post regularly again. I missed so much last month and as tired as I was talking to myself this is still an important task for me.

Writer's Block: Beep, Bop, Boop

What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

My first video console was the Atari  (yes I am that old) and if I remember correctly it either came with Pong or it was the first one I bought. I also played Space Invaders, Centipede, Frogger, Pitfall (my favorite) and of Course Pac Man. Ah those were the days.

Easter Is All About Getting Knocked Up

Why is Easter called Easter? Shouldn't it be called “Unburial Day” or “Night of the Living Christ” or “Jesus 2: Resurrection Harder”?

Thank you for asking, Rhetorical Device! According to the Venerable Bede, an 8th century monk who didn't earn his title from NOT being the Wayne Gretsky of documenting Christian antiquity, Easter is named after Eostre. She was the mother goddess of the ancient Germanic tribes in Northern Europe. Eostre's aliases among Anglo-Saxon pagans include Austron, Ausos, Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostur, Eastra, and, finally, Eastur. In what's going to be a recurring theme for this post, she was a fertility goddess.

Eostre, the Aquaman of ancient Germanic rabbits.

The Venerable Bede. You can trust him. He has a beard.

Why don't we celebrate Easter on the same day every year? A guy coming back to life and saving humanity is kind of a big deal. Surely someone would have marked that on a calendar.

No one knows the exact day, or even the exact decade, of the resurrection of Jesus. The holiday's convoluted schedule is determined by the vernal equinox, which is recognized every year on March 21st. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon after March 21st. So Easter's scheduling has more in common with the Wiccan holiday of Eostara than with Christian tradition.

Easter's schedule is apparently determined by druid werewolves.

The vernal, or spring, equinox. You're basically worshiping it on Easter. Why don't you go burn a wicker man with Edward Woodward in it, you hippie?

Okay, fine. But a resurrection story being celebrated around the same time as the equinox is still uniquely Christian, right?

Nope. The ancient Mediterranean kingdom of Phrygia celebrated the spring equinox by worshipping Cybele, who was (you guessed and/or ovulated it) a fertility goddess. Honored alongside Cybele was her boy toy, Attis. Attis was, jinx, resurrected shortly after the equinox. Attis was also, double jinx, born of a virgin mother.

But unlike SOME figures from Phrygian and Greek mythology that I know, Jesus didn't kill himself by chopping off his own balls.

Cybele and Attis. Cybele was worshiped by orgy cults and Attis was worshiped by eunuchs. They were the StewPatt of their day.

*sigh* Next I suppose youre going to tell us that the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs have something to do with pagan fertility rituals?

Pretty much. Both the hare and the egg were symbols for Eostre, who herself was a wererabbit. She even had the rather useless super power to transform birds into rabbits. Although eggs are fairly universal icons for reproduction, so you dont need Dan Brown to draw any conspiratorial parallels. And besides lusting after breakfast cereals, we all know what rabbits are good at. Also, and you probably dont want to hear this, Easter Lilies are revered by pagans as holy phallic symbols.


At least the Easter Bunny doesn't look like this.

I give up. And Peeps are, what, pagan marshmallow Viagra?

No, but they were invented by the Rodda Candy Company in Pennsylvania, who employed many a German immigrant. Besides chicks, Rodda also made marshmallow candies in the shape of eggs and bunnies. Candy historians believe the Anglo-Saxon heritage of Rodda's employees led to these Eostre inspired confections. Yes, there is such a profession as candy historian.

Peep Show

If you have any better idea as to what this photo could possibly have to do with the resurrection of Jesus, we're all floppy ears.


Writer's Block: Marathon sessions

Aside from sleeping and being awake, what is the longest consecutive amount of time you've spent doing one thing? What was it?

It's a tie between waiting in a hospital emergency room or playing a video game (most likely The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

South American Heads Of State FTW

Lots going on. I have been wanting to post though I just haven’t gotten myself to sit down in silence long enough to do so. I did get to jot down what I needed for important stuff but have left the less important go by the wayside. I’ll try to sum up shortly some of what I’ve been wanting to post and will hopefully get to do longer more detailed posts later.

I finally got the mini-refrigerator from Handy that I was told about months ago. I cleaned it out. Now I just need to find a place for it. I got a set of tables from K-Mart but they are not going to work. Will take them back tomorrow when I have Sis’ car and look for something else.

I did get a media shelf, mainly for my paperback book collection. I’ll see how much it holds and how things fit. If it doesn’t hold some or all of my hard covers/bigger book collection than I will need to get something else for those too. Hopefully now with this I can put my collection on Goodreads.com so I know what I have and what not to get. My collection is so huge that I have at least once or twice gotten a book I’ve already read and I’d prefer to not make that mistake again.

I filed away a bunch of stuff. I still intend to organize my stuff more thoroughly. I have been considering chucking some paperwork I’m fairly certain I don’t need anymore (like credit card bills – that have been paid/cleared – from the 90’s. And late 80’s).

The ringing in the ears has been a tad more tolerable lately. It still gets bad on occasion but when it does it doesn’t seem to last for days and days anymore.

My sleep habits are still bad. Very, very bad.

Need to get back to looking for work.

Less time on Google reader and more time on better stuff. Do I get rid of some of the feeds though that I don’t really read much of since it’s too cumbersome and I’m less interested in that content? That remains the question. I am so wishy-washy.

I watched Ham again today. She is usually really good. Today not so much. She inside from the school bus and threw her bookbag in the middle of the driveway. She gave me an attitude when I made her pick it up so I told her to go to her room and no TV until she behaved. She cried and cried for a bit. She calmed down but was still pouty. She came down and went into the den then back upstairs. After a bit she came back down and gave me a purple envelope with my name on it. She had written/drew me an apology note. It was too freakin’ adorable. She stood by the stairs to watch me read it. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her and explained that I didn’t like the way she spoke to me and she understood. I told her I would play with her, though preferably something that doesn’t require running around the house like yesterday when we played tag. She decided she wanted me to play with her Barbies and accessories with her. Let me tell you it is not easy playing Barbie and trying to match a 6 year old’s imagination. Later she wanted to play Monopoly. Not the Monopoly Jr. she had in her room. The adult version. I went with it but I haven’t played Monopoly in decades and reading the directions for play were difficult for even me to comprehend. I had no idea what would be going through Ham’s mind. And she wanted me to read and explain everything to her. Fortunately on her first roll she went to jail. After that Nurse and Dora came over and we put away Monopoly.

TV Stuff:
Another great episode of Chuck. Timothy Dalton and Sarah Connor, er Linda Hamilton are the best addition to the cast ever. Too bad they can’t be part of the show full time though I imagine we’ll be seeing more of them in a few more episodes. I hope the show gets renewed.

L&O:LA was revamped and I liked it much better. I definitely thought their tweaks were a nice change. They got rid of Skeet Ulrich which a lot of people were upset with because they liked him so much. I like him too but he was not really clicking in this show. I’ve seen him do better and think he’s better off that way. I hope he gets another show that serves him well. Corey Stoll was better fit with Aflred Molina and Alana De La Garza works much better with Terrance Howard every week than Regina Hall & Megan Boone on alternating weeks. Will I miss it if it gets cancelled? Probably not so much.

The Good Wife was another excellent episode. Peter won State’s Attorney though not having Chris Noth appear was odd. Apparently he has scheduling conflicts with Broadway. Fred Dalton Thompson appeared as himself and they had someone impersonating Hugo Chavez (the President of Venezuela) during scenes where he is in a video conference with the other lawyers. It was definitely actor since they did not show any face shots, only showed him from the neck down. And there’s just no way he would ever go on TV. Not to mention as a review blogger mentioned, he made some really corny statements about Courtney Love having deserved an Academy Award. It was still very entertaining and what makes this show so excellent.

OK that’s all I can think of. I said I would try to sum things up. I was a little more detailed than I intended. Oh well. Now I am going to get ready for bed and seeing as I don’t have any Netflix movies at home I will just catch up on my Entertainment Weekly. Only 2 more issues to go.
I posted this in a comm but I liked it so much I figure I'd post it here. Snag if you want (preferably with credit)


What Would Things Be Like If.....

[ETA: Today is Tuesday 4/5/11. This was supposed to get done Sunday 4/3/11 gut thanks to LJ breaking down this is the first time in days I could post anything. I have no updates for today. Will try again tomorrow.]

I am back! Well I’m going to try to be. I specifically decided not to post on here because I wanted to go back and organize my stuff by tags which still hasn’t gotten done. I did get to writing down all my titles in chronological order so that I won’t end up being redundant.

A lot of stuff happened in March but I don’t remember a lot of it. I don’t think there was anything overly important. Same stuff different days. I have been trying really hard to get my shit together, catch up stuff, organize, and generally do things I’ve been wanting to but put off. Of course as a result there’s a lot of shit that’s a mess and not getting done as a result. Basically I have way too much on my plate and it isn’t helping that I’m not prioritizing. Which is another reason I need to post regularly so I can keep track of what I’m doing, what I’m getting done and what I’m not getting done.

So anyway the most recent news is that my dad turns 85 tomorrow. You’re probably thinking to yourself that I must be one old motherfucker but the truth is well you’ll never know. Men can fertile for a long time is all and well, I didn’t say how old my mother was and seeing as she’s dead that’s not likely a topic I’ll bring up. Anyway dad is still going strong despite the fact that he has or has had almost every disease the ever known to man. We celebrated his birthday yesterday with him and his wife and pretty much every living person he has managed to spread his DNA along too (17 people in all):

Dad, Anne, Me, Lill, Chris, Katie, Lisa, Sabrina, Jerry, Kathy, Jim, Jo, Steve, Zach, Jen, Hailee, Jason

Sis 1
Nephew 1 and his SO and their annoying little dog
Niece 2 (who has no SO) and her daughter
(Niece 1 was not there either because she was working or is fighting w/Sis 1)

Bro 2 and his SO

Bro 3 (or that other dude I am related to via DNA who is divorced, stays…er lives out of town and whose 3 daughters were home)

Sis 3 and her SO
Nephew 2, his daughter and his SO
Nephew 3

It was a chaotic day and maybe wonder “what if” an awful lot
Mainly I wondered WTF everyone was talking about because with that many people in one room especially in this house I couldn’t hear a thing. Sometimes I wish I was went completely deaf and they all had to learn sign language and/or I could just not be present at these things at all. But I don’t have that option anymore and even if I did I couldn’t for this occasion. At least after dinner and desert a lot of people left except my dad, the wife, bro 1 and his wife and bro 2 because apparently my SIL had to have bro 2 check out something on her comp (because bro 2 is some sort of comp whiz which is about the only thing he’s ever been good at). I eventually got tired of twiddling my thumbs and went to join niece 2 and great niece 1 watching The Last Unicorn for the second time.

In other news re my dad that wasn’t brought up last night but was brought up during a recent visit that I meant to post about. He has decided to get married by a Catholic priest. For all intents and purposed my parents were Catholic and my family was raised Catholic. That being said, at this point in time pretty much everyone in my family has a diverse thinking regarding religious beliefs and/or spirituality. I would not categorize Catholicism as one of the primary forms for most of us. Sis (who I live with) is probably the currently most “devout” Catholic and I use that term loosely because she does go to a Catholic church the most often but I can’t say I know where she stands beyond that. I have mentioned that dinner prayers are few and far between and sporadic at best. I think most of us bypassed it yesterday and began to eat however someone and I believe I know who it was decided we have to (as I continue to give bro 2 the stink-eye being his is the most “religious person in our family but is certainly not of the Catholic denomination and is not one of the various other popular ones either for that matter). That was probably a tad more elaboration than I intended. Anyway as far as dad as concerned I have never known him to step foot in any church let alone a Catholic one for pretty much all of my life as far back as I can remember. My mother dragged me to church but if my dad ever went it was when I was most likely when I was jumping off the stairs into a pile of my large collection of stuffed animals. I don’t know about his wife but for as long as they’ve been together (a long time) I have not known either of them to step into a church other than when there was a funeral of which there have been several (or bro 1’s wedding which was also a long long time ago). So when he announced that he wanted he wanted to get married by our neighborhood priest (who has been our neighborhood priest also for al long long time – hell I was an alter boy when he started) I was like *blink – blink – blink – blink*. That was not the biggest shocker. He then said he wanted me to be his main witness *blink – jaw drop – blink – blink*. Why is that so shocking. Because when he did get married I was a young brat going through one hell of a life phase that lasted a long time and right before the ceremony started (they got married by a JOTP) while everyone was there and ready I completely walked out and walked from the wedding hall back home to my mom’s house. So I never saw my dad get (re) married to his current wife. I was not at the ceremony, not at the reception. I don’t remember the fallout exactly. I think my dad was upset for a bit but it didn’t last long. Heck I remember not long ago a worse episode with him than that which laster for a good 5 years. So I was pretty much floored when he just blurted it out. See he couldn’t get married in a church the first time because even though him and my mom were divorced the marriage was never officially dissolved (or annulled) by the church. My mom would never do it. And that was eons ago. Somehow dad found out that because mom is now dead he can now officially get married in the Catholic church. I wanted to ask him WTF is was going through his head with this announcement but I was too much in shock and only managed some blabbering. Also Sis and Chef were in the room and well, I figured I would not make a big deal out of it since the man is as old as God and likely just trying to finagle his way into heaven anyway he can at this point.

So there’s that. Shit it’s almost 3:0am and I haven’t even started to watch one of my Netflix movies. I am trying to get through my queue as quickly as I can because I have somehow managed to get it back up from 250 to 500 in a short period of time and I still have more to put on it. Not to mention I am also trying to get my DVR watch list down and I can barely get it to drop. I am sooooooooo far behind.

OK I have caught up enough for this post. I will try again tomorrow only hopefully not so much. Also gonna try to post other things I find on the web and comment on now that I have a ton more crap added to my Facebook feed and Google reader.


Is this thing working yet? I would like to start reposting again. I couldn't yesterday. Damn Ruskies!
Halle-EFFIN-Lujah! Roger Howarth COMMITS to One Life to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Daytime Confidential

I am so happy about this BUT with the cancellation rumors I have the heebie jeebies about this too. Are they bringing him back to usher the show out ? What about Marty? Is this why they fired Susan Haskell? This show has been so great lately and one would think a move like this would save the show. But then again we're talking about the moron running ABC daytime so who knows. I just wish they would put out some type of statement one way or the other. I will watch this show right up until the end but I will probably cry buckets. Please don't let it be true. Let Dorothy go home already.

What Charlie Brown Said

LJ borked all of my notifications yesterday and have just started spitting them back at me in no particular order along with today's notifications.


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