Dante's Inferno

Leopold Stotch
12 June
New York, United States
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24, 80's, alternative, animated/cg, anthony robbins, boston legal, chuck, coffee shops, dance, david baldacci, david morrell, entertainment weekly, gay porn, george lucas, grey's anatomy, harlan coben, heroes, horror, indiana jones, joel osteen, law & order, legal drama, life, lost, pizza, politics, psychology, pushing daisies, reading, religion, sarah connor chronicles, saturday night live, smallville, star wars, stephen king, stephen spielberg, steve martini, superheroes, thrillers, top 40, ugly betty, video games, writing
I'm introverted, think a lot, opinionated & enjoy good conversation from the trivial to the deep. I am frequently sarcastic in my humor and my anger. I tend to be passive agressive but view myself as a work in progress. I attempt to avoid conflict but believe in fight over flight when it occurs. I talk too little but say too much when I do. I often expect the worst and hope for the best at the same time.
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